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Meet Grace Courtright: America’s Six Foot Mom

Real Insights from Real Life

All the world’s a stage and Grace Courtright has been taking her bows since she was able to walk.

At an early age, a series of promising piano, guitar and vocal performances gave her confidence and fueled a competitive spirit that earned her a spot on the American Idol stage at Disney World before her 17th birthday. At 18, she was a power forward on her high school basketball team’s successful run to a state championship in Texas. She then pursued communications studies at Dallas Baptist University and secured an internship at Disney World, which led to a full time position with The Walt Disney Company.

An engaging extrovert with an infectious smile and a genuine interest of the wellbeing of others, Grace quickly became a standout in the ranks of Disney’s attraction hosts as well as a valued friend and colleague. In the familiar shadow of the world’s most famous ears, Grace’s singular communication style found its true expression: a pleasing combination of energy, sincerity and charm that serves her to this day.

Now, as American women—along with the parents and partners and who love and respect them—meet Six Foot Mom, Grace Courtright is playing the role she was meant to play: a caring mother, guided by her faith, embracing life’s adventures as she shares what she learns along the way.

With equal deployment of rose colored glasses and glasses of rose, this small town girl with a big city vision maintains a brisk but sure-footed pace. The kaleidoscopic whirlwind that is Six Foot Mom’s life includes her continuing design studies at the University of Houston, the writing and production of her blog and podcast episodes, the direction of her Six Foot Mom enterprise, and her service as a marketing and communications coordinator for the Courtright family’s business.

But first and foremost, there is Ayden: the blessing that arrived in 2015 and introduced Grace to the perilous but abundantly rewarding balance of work and family, joy and sacrifice that so many single working mothers face.

If not for her loving, supportive family, the hand of God, a lifetime of rewarding and challenging experiences packed into 25 years, and of course Ayden—Grace Courtright would not have become Six Foot Mom.

“The world has many ‘six foot moms’” observes the Indiana-born performer-turned-journalist who has made Texas her adopted home. “Any mother that makes it through the day—any day—with her family safe, her sanity intact, and more hope than fear in her heart, stands six feet tall. These are the women I hope to talk to and learn from. I have stories and I’ve got advice, but I’m building this plane as I’m piloting it with one very important passenger sitting in his booster seat! Right now, I’ve got more questions than answers. But my eyes and ears are open, and Six Foot Mom gives me a voice…and a megaphone."

Six Foot Mom and her endlessly energetic son reside in Houston, Texas in a home she recently purchased with her younger brother Jim. She enjoys golf, live music and a respectable glass of wine in the company of friends or strangers about to become friends. And the glass of wine doesn’t have to be that respectable.

Six Foot Mom is represented by Ovation Speakers and Talent. For more information, click the Ovation link above or contact Doug Harris by phone at 713-569-7716 or by email at

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